20 Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

The foremost cadence used in Canada to determine the severity of crime in a certain area is The Violent  Crime Severity Index (VCSI).

It evaluates crimes such as homicide, physical and sexual assault, and firearms-related crimes. The Violent Crime Severity Index (VCSI) averages 82.44. This article will look at how the 20 most dangerous cities pile up to this average and a few other metrics. 

The Most Dangerous Cities In Canada

While skimming through this list, you should bear in mind that the average homicide and regulated drug trafficking rates per 100k are 1.76 and 31.58 respectively.

Also, Unlike the United States of America, Canada has a vastly greater concentration of small cities (which range from 10-15,000 people). So while these per capita stats might seem alarming, the substantial number is normally low. 

1. North Battleford, SASK: 

Quick Stats

Population: 14, 439

Violent Severity Crime Index (per 100k): 362

Rate of Murder (per 100k): 0

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production (per 100k): 152.37

With no murder reports, North Battleford appears to be a fantastic start to this list. Sadly, the VCSI of this city has grown significantly due to its high sexual assault rate.

On the positive side, this city has significantly reduced non-sexual crimes. Although drug-related crimes are way higher than the national average, there appears to have also been a massive reduction, according to recent stats.

Criminal offenses perpetrated by young people, which is at about 346.28, are also high compared to the national average of 13.01; there is no doubt that there has been a slight headway over the previous years. 

2. Prince Albert, SASK

Quick stats

Population: 37, 578

Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 289

Rate of Murder (per 100k): 5.32

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(per 100k): 85.16

Physical and sexual assault are the two major elements skyrocketing the VCSI in this city. Sadly, these crimes are still on the increase.

Even though other drug crimes are on the decline, the regulated drug offenses have heightened in Prince Albert, SASK.  

As reported by local police operatives, most casualties of violent crimes are known to each other. 

Unfortunately, the rate of violent crimes is high, but on the brighter side, drug offenses seem to be grossly declining. 

3. Quesnel, BC 

Quick Stats

Population: 10, 283

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 265

Rate of Murder (Per 100k): 9.72

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production (Per 100k): 136.15

The Canadian city of Quesnel has been crowned the most dangerous city in British Columbia, as a result of an incessant crime rate across the municipality. 

To worsen things, almost all, if not all the crime stats have sporadically risen, according to the most recent reports from Statistics Canada. The single positive stat is that there were no young people-related offenses.

It is wished and prayed these responsible youths metamorphosis into responsible adults so that this crime curve will start to dwindle in this small mountain city. 

4. Wetaskiwin, AB

Quick stats 

Population: 12, 895

Violent Crime Severity Index (per 100k): 232

Rate of Murder (per 100k): 0

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 108.57

Anyone from the west coastal side of Canada will be very much aware of the famous “car cost less in Wetaskiwin” music jingle from the 80s. But might not be fully aware of the shady side of this small city.

The VCSI of Wetaskiwin is way higher than the national average, because of the very high rate of assault, and increasing statistics of drug-related crimes. Fortunately, this city has a low murder rate. 

5. Williams Lake, BC

Quick stat

Population: 11, 309

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 217.

Rate of Murder (per 100k): 8.84

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 44.21

Violence is on the decrease in the small BC city, according to records by RCMP, gang criminal activities are on the rise. With this increase in criminal gang activities, comes drug-related and firearms activities hand-in-hand.

Hopefully, the RCMP can help curtail these criminal activities, before it causes real damage to the popular tourist activities in Williams Lake. 

6. Timmins, ON. 

Quick stat

Population: 42, 650.

Violent Crime Severity Index(Per 100k): 205

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 9.38

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(per 100k): 32.83

The leading contributing factors to the much higher-than-national average VCSI rating in this city of Timmins are assault, murder, and property-related crimes.

Sadly, all the aforementioned crimes are still on a daily increase, according to the recent statistics compiled by Macleans.

However, young people and regulated drug offenses seem to be below the national average. So all hopes are not dashed for this small town of Timmins, which is popularly known for two things: the Porcupine Gold rush and Northern Hospitality. 

7. Prince Rupert, BC.

Quick stats

Population: 12, 826

Violent Crimes Severity Index (per 100k): 191

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 0

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 15.59

It might be quite surprising to find the city of Prince Rupert BC with zero murder rates, and a low concentration of drug offenses on this list.

Its reason for being on this list is extensive because of the widespread assault stats from this city in recent reports.

Compared to the physical assault national average of 457.01, that of Prince Rupert BC is pretty high, sitting at about 2,487.14. This is a very startling high stat, considering that this city has scarcely 10,000 people residing in it. 

8. Kenora, ON 

Quick Stat

Population: 18, 991

Violent Crime Severity Index (per 100k): 177

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 10.58

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production (per 100k): 89.89

Because of the high rate of drug offenses and murder crimes, Kenora also bags a spot on this list.

Unfortunately, crimes by young people are also pretty high, according to the latest statistics as recorded by Maclean reports. Even though assault rates are both low in recent statistics, they are still way above national averages, but thankfully, there is a vast decline in this respect.

It will also be noted that property crimes are on a low swing, and almost tally with the national averages. 

9. Winnipeg, MB.

Population: 753, 674.

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 173

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 2.92

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 24.94

As the hugest and capital city of Manitoba, expectations would be that the VCSI would be much greater than this.

The city of Winnipeg can be hazardous, but the murder and assaults rate are both on the decrease.

Although young people-related crimes are still way higher than average, they are declining gradually, as stated by reports. Worthy of mention is the enormous effort Winnipeg is putting in to curb the Illegal activities of drugs. According to stats, this city is way below average in all categories. 

10. Grand Prairie, AB

Quick Stats

Population:67, 085

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 133.

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 0

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production (per 100k): 117.76

Even though the violent crime index of this city isn’t climbing above the national average, it still battles with assaults, firearms, and drug-related vices.

To be honest, almost every crime category has risen exponentially as recorded in recent statistics. And there is sure still a whole lot of work to do for this city to get near the stated national average in every category.

One apparent factor influencing these problems is the transient nature of the population as a result of oilfield work. 

11. Port Alberni, BC. 

Quick stat


Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 142

Rate of Murder (per 100k): 5.32

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 15.95.

Port Alberni is quite doing well with the fight against drugs, as they sit below the national average.

Nonetheless, according to recent statistics, they still battle with property crime and assault menace. It is quite interesting to note that virtually every assault that occurred was between people who knew themselves (Alberni News).

So the city of Port Alberni might seem somewhat stable pending on what a person is involved in or who he or she spends time with. 

12. Fort St. John, BC

Quick Stat

Population: 21,657

Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 141

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 4.62

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 13.85

Another city that suffers from its transient nature is Fort ST. John.

Even though this city tries all it can to be more family-friendly, it still battles with high degrees of assaults.

It is noteworthy that the present Fort ST. John is a slight modification of what it used to be in time past. Ranging from assaults to property crimes, and every other crime category, this city is seen to have improved a bit, according to recent stats. 

13. Prince George, BC 

Quick Stats

Population: 79,450

Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 139

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 1.26

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production:91.88

Cradled in the mountains is the beautiful city of Prince George, but this glamor isn’t reflected below its surface.

The high activity of drugs has turned this city into a powder keg ready to explode. Shockingly, violent crimes such as assaults are gradually reducing.

However, firearms-related offenses are on the rise, which is

very much understandable, considering the high rate of drug activity. On a positive note, the murder rate in Prince George’s is relatively low compared to the size of the city. 

14. Brockville, ON

Quick Stats

Population: 21, 639

Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 136

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 4.62

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 41.59

Sadly, for this city, regulated drug offenses have surpassed the national average and are even increasing. However, other drug-related crimes such as the illegal intake of Cannabis and Cocaine are decreasing. 

Sexual assaults are declining as well, but violent assaults are sadly not. As stated in the prior year’s statistics, the city recorded a case of murder. 

15. Dawson Creek

Quick Stat

Population: 12, 878

Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 133

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 133.

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(per 100k): 46.59

The small city of Dawson Creek is also on the list of cities battling a high assault rate. Unfortunately, it seems to be increasing. One surprising stat is that these assaults aren’t violence-related, but fiddle into community safety.

As ascertained by Maclean stats, the city of Dawson Creek was sitting on about 1048.3 charges per capita which is ten times the national average.

A stat like that makes us wonder how safe it will be to drive around this city. 

16. Edmonton, AB 

Quick Stats

Population: 1,004, 947

Violent Severity Crime Index(per 100k): 127

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 2.89

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production:41.1

And again, here comes another city everybody will predict to have a high crime rate, based on its large population.

But the local police in this city do an excellent job because violent assaults are seen to be lower than the national average. Sadly, sexual assaults are not, this crime category is very much higher than the national average VSCI.

The city of Edmonton also battles drug-related offenses as well. However, this seems to be declining, based on the recent stats, which is a big plus for this city. 

17. Saskatoon, SASK

Quick Stats

Population: 268, 188

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 126

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 2.98

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(per 100k): 24.61

Saskatoon might soon be out of the list of most dangerous Canadian cities, due to its immense effort in curbing crimes, which is sure to bear fruits, in no later time.

The city is still way above the national average in several crime categories, but cases of assault and drug-related crimes are declining. The major circumstances keeping the VSCI very much higher than average are sexual assaults and firearms-related crimes.

Property crimes are also on the increase, so it will be in your best interest to lock your car and whine up the windows whenever you visit this city. 

18. Regina, SASK

Quick Stat


Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 123

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 2.14

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production:18.18

One other city in the province of Saskatchewan that has recorded a fair rate of success in the fight against drugs is Regina.

However, violent and property crimes are considerably way above the national average, increasing VCSI.

It Is worthy of note that though, assaults and firearms crimes are high, murders have substantially reduced, based on the recent stats obtained by Macleans. 

19. Fort McMurray, AB

Quick Stat

Population: 69,035

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 2.9

Rate of Murder(per 100k): 2.9

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(Per 100k): 13.04

Located in the heart of the Athabasca oil sands, Fort McMurray, as fondly called by residents “Fort Mac” is another city bedeviled by a very transient population as a result of the nature of the work.

In recent years, the city has strived to clear its name and has done a considerably decent job. Drug-related crimes are drastically reducing, except cocaine-related offenses, which are still way beyond the national average. Also, assault crimes are decreasing, but are still doubling the national average.

The city of Fort McMurray remains a nice climate to earn a living, but one must be very cautious, especially outside the workplace. 

20. Lethbridge, AB

Quick Stats

Population:98, 960

Violent Crime Severity Index(per 100k): 116

Rate of Murder(Per 100k): 0

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(per 100k): 189.94.

For a fact, Lethbridge battles the menace of assaults and firearm offenses, but the major issue this city faces is the activities of drugs.

And due to the surging drug problems, recent statistics indicate that violent crimes are still rising. A common problem generally related to a rise in drug activities is violence,  which appears to be the image these stats paint.


Our human existence is too short to live in constant fear and too precious to risk anywhere. Hence, this article. 

I’m glad you’ve equipped yourself with this very relevant information on the dangerous cities situated in the beautiful country of Canada.

Now it’s time to get out there and explore these truths for yourself but ensure your safety while embarking on this. 

Good luck. 


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