15 Best Things To Do in Canmore

Usually outranked by neighboring Banff, the Canadian city of Canmore is a small town around the horizon of the magnificent Canadian Rockies, which is becoming difficult to underrate. This city which started as a coal town is currently a significant tourism attraction all on its own. It is a business center for provincial parks, including Kananaskis and Spray Lakes, where numerous outdoor activities will keep you entertained for days.

Aside from the countless fun things to do in Canmore, the town’s tourist sites will solidify your desire to return to this city.

Canmore, which is just a brief drive from Calgary and outside the metropolis of Banff National Park, attracts many day tourists and offers high-quality options for spending weekends or even weeks there.

The top-notch Canmore Nordic Centre offers outstanding amenities such as cross-country skiing; during summer, there are countless tracks to hike or bike, and even a bustling art gallery for tourists to visit.

And for such a city of small magnitude, its number of fancy restaurants will surprise and delight you.

Best Things To Do In Canmore

Personally, Canmore has soon become one place we love to visit in Alberta to explore the Rockies and have a feeling of some of the very best activities.

After one of our recent tours and experiment of several locations, we pened down a list of some of the best stops and activities in the Canadian town of Canmore.

1. Walking Trails

There are plenty of walking trail options in Canmore that will keep your legs active- so much so that you can go through the whole city without perching on pavements.

Here are some of our bests.

Policeman Creek Broadway

Its name says all you need to know about it. The Policeman Creek Broadway trail is compatible with wheelchair users and offers a legion of activity choices for families. Even, your disabled friend, is free to join the wagon.

Another advantage is that this walk is quickly done during Winter without snowshoes.

Bow River Loop

This gentle 2km loop which crosses the Canmore River Engine, is an excellent route for morning warm-ups and jogs. You could, afterward, hit the Nordic Center or take an evening hike after having a tasty meal at the BLAKES.

Larch Island Loop

One of the most incredible sites to explore in Canmore! To enjoy a quiet and chilled walk, take a tour around Larch Island, which is closeby to the Babbling Bow. You’re surely in for a fantastic delight if you visit here during the falls or when this place is said to have turned gold.

2. Hiking in Canmore

There are a lot of hiking options for all skill levels in Canmore.

Whichever hike you select, ensure to respect nature by bringing out what you brought in. Don’t graze wildlife, and be ever alert for attacks by bears. 

To enjoy these hikes, you must purchase the Kananaskis Conservation Ticket.

Here is a list of some of the very best hikes.

Grassi Lakes

Forest, meadows, cascades, and to crown it- with a glinting tortoise lake? Yes.

This 4.3 km trail is incredible for every skill level and an excellent hike to go on with your family or partner.

This hike can be done out and back or using a loop. But we highly suggest you take the “more complicated way up.” and the “easier way down” hikes.

The “more complicated” Way hike is more stunning but a bit harder and riskier.

Ha Ling Peak

This one is certainly on top of the list of things you can do in Canmore! To enjoy epic mountain views fit for only the adventurous ‘scrambler.’ visit Ha Ling’s hilltop. This 7.2km hike offers you almost 800m of elevation.

 If the hilltop type of game is different from your type, try out the 3.5km Ha Ling’s saddle.

For an optional route, take a break in the path that leads to Miner’s park and enjoy the trail with only a few people.

Grotto Creek Canyon

Grotto Creek is just over a 4 km round tour and is a short breezy out-and-back hike. There are plenty of views, such as forests, beautiful canyon walls, a creek, and an enchanting waterfall.

Your hike-hating friend or partner can’t help but like.

You can also hike this place during Winter, but ensure to wear ice cleats when strolling into Grotto Canyon. 

3. Caving in Canmore

Rat Nest Cave, a regional historical site with relevant archaeological benefits, such as historical autographs and 7000-year-old bones), can be toured on a full-day trip.

It is one of Canada’s lengthiest caves (at about 4 km) and is certainly not for the chicken-hearted. But if you are a big fan of underground adventures, including grappling, crawling, sliding, and uphill hiking, then this is for you.

4. Canmore Museum & Galleries

It’s clear why creatives are usually attracted to Canmore. If you have a great interest in art, you can fix your eyes directed at the murals around the town or duck into the many galleries and studios dispersed throughout.

Some of the best museums in Canmore include the Carter Ryan Gallery, Curbside Museum, and the Artsplace.

5. Shopping in Canmore

Support the growing economy of Canmore by adding “Shopping.” to your To Do list. There are various options to pick from; in this beautiful mountain city, particularly around Main Street ( also known as 8th Street).

Ranging from Vintage threads at Hello Vintage to sporting kits at Switching Gear, you are sure to find everything you desire and even more. If you are lucky to be in this city during the summer, you will be highly ecstatic on Thursdays at the Canmore Mountain Market, where you can get outstanding products, art, gifts, and more.

6. Festivals in Canmore

This small mountain town offers tremendous excitement with some prominent festivals.

Be sure to attend the Canmore Folk Music Festival, which is held at the ending of July, and the Canmore Winter Carnival, in late February, for ice-trimming tournaments, a fun dog caravan, log sawing, and a lot more.

7. Canmore Spas

Of course, mountains are naturally known to offer rejuvenation, but why not give yourself a better body massage treatment at the Bohdi Tree Spa in Canmore?

Their Aveda Concept, Thailand/Indian-inspired, offers luxury treatments such as massages, body wraps, facials, and pedicures.

Are you feeling exhausted from that recent hike activity?

Head straight to One Wellness for a thorough body massage from the best massage, psychic, fitness, and sport medicine specialists.

This spa is your final bus stop for rejuvenation and body repair.

8. Golfing in Canmore

Golfing is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Canmore during the summer. Fortunately, Some of the best golf clubs in the world encompass this glamorous mountain city.

Enjoy a golf round at Stewart Creek Golf Course or Silvertip Golf Course, which offers the most delightful displays of the Three Sisters, Cascade Mountain, Pigeon Mountain, and Ha Ling Peak.

9. Enjoy A Beer At Grizzly Paw Brewing Pub

Before going on any hiking tour, one of our favorite Apres ski rituals is to browse our local brewery. It doesn’t matter the year’s season; ending every day’s activity in a local brewery and enjoying the fantastic Rockies is ideal.

Apart from the tasty food and drinks served at The Grizzly Pub, one other thing we cherish is their Grumpy Beer Honey Wheat and Rundlestone IPA.

They also offer seasonal draughts such as goose wheat, specialty IPA, and other tourist brewers.

Want to check out another Canmore Brewery?

Try out the Sheepdog Brewery!

9. Catch Some Fresh River Trout

The incredible Canadian Rockies are home to plenty of streams and rivers.

Some of its famous and easily accessible sites are Spray Lakes, Bow River, Grotto Mountain, Quarry Lake, and Lake Minnewanka. It’s necessary to ascertain local regulations as they change seasonally.

You mustn’t have to know your way around. The two fishing companies are there to lead you by hand, take you to all the best locations, and get you dressed up.

For more information, you can check out the Wapiti Sport Outfitters and Banff Fishing Unlimited, all based in Canmore.

Another great to-do thing in Canmore is paddling on a canoe in one of the closeby ponds.

10. Morning Coffee At The Eclipse Coffee

I especially love bringing my canoe to either the Canmore reservoir (Also referred to as the Rundle Forebay Reservoir) or Goat Pond, off Spray Lakes Road. The reason is that these sites aren’t very wind-affected and are fantastic places to have a hitch-free paddle.

Are you searching for the best coffee in the Rockies?

Then head straight to Canmore and stop by Eclipse Coffee Roasters.

They currently have two locales- One in Downtown Canmore and the original in the top corner of Bow Valley Trail.

On these sites, you will find artisan roasts made with in-house coffees. You can also order a variety of specialty coffee at the store.

Anticipate finding the usual, varying from a flat white to a latte and even an excellent pour-over for real coffee buffs.

It’s also a fantastic place to grab a local roast for camping or a coffee before taking a hike in Kananaskis.

11. Explore Some of the Best Eateries in Canmore

It’s usually an arduous task to find the best restaurants to recommend in this city, but we gladly accepted the job! We fished out the very best eateries to take tasty bites in Canmore, and they include:-


The recommended eatery for your romantic moments! This low-lighted restaurant with small Spanish chops with blazing music is the perfect place to bring your special someone.

Sauvage (previously Tapas Restaurant) is known for its charming, cozy wines with an intimate setting and tapas-style dishes that will fill you up but make you feel light enough to get up and rock the dancefloor.

Red Rock Pizza

Enjoy mouth-watering hot pizza while taking in the Three Sister Mountain range on Red Rock’s quaint balcony. Famous for their unusual twists on classics like “Wicked Chicken” and “Buddha Gouda,” The Red Rock Pizza is your first choice if you’re yearning for pizza after touring downtown Canmore.

Bella Crusta Food

A Canmore Favorite, Bella Crusta, makes their focaccia bread daily for nicely-made fresh sandwiches. This ancient sandwich store, famously known for its chicken salad, offers simple dining experiences and is an incredible option for those searching for hearty diets at an affordable price.

Ensure to try out their lemonades as well.

Canmore Events During The Winter

Even with the six months of cold weather, the Winter does not stop the fun, active, artistic, and festive activities in Canmore.

Famous exhibitions during this period include the Canmore Winter Carnival, Canmore Uncorked, the Festival of Trees, the Canmore World Cup Biathlon, the New year’s Eve Party, and many more.

12. Winter Hiking

Hiking is a much more common activity during the summer, but there are some fantastic trails for the Winter too.

Of course, you must be prepared by putting on clothing that keeps you warm and cleats for the edge of your winter hiking boots.

One of our best Winter hikes is the Johnston Canyon, which headlines frozen cascades and ice climbers. Try that out too.

13. Snowshoeing

When the snow seems too intense for winter hiking, clasp on some snowshoes, and off you go. Snowshoeing is an excellent activity for hiking the numerous winter trails in Canmore, and it is also inexpensive as you only need to borrow snowshoes or purchase a pair.

Furthermore, you will need to get suggestions from people around the area so you can know what trails are available.

14. Skiing and Snowboarding

Undoubtedly, the most famous activity during the Winter is Skiing and Snowboarding. To make things fair, the area around Canmore is world-class, with a wide range of ski inns, such as Nakiska Ski Resort, Sunshine Village, Lake Louise Ski Resort, and Mount Norquay, which makes it an excellent location for Canada’s Ski Vacations. 

15. Snowmobiling

Lovers of snowmobiling or those who would love to explore this fun activity, there is a wide range of options for chartering or joining a tour. 

Snowmobiling is a fantastic way of shredding trails, but it is unfortunately not allowed in National Parks.

It is best to take these tours from Golden, BC, or Panorama, BC (two hours drives from Canmore).


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