15 Best Things To Do In London Ontario

Before commencing this blog post, I want to state that this is not about London, England. Instead, in London, the bone of contention lies in a considerably smaller city on the Southwestern coast of Ontario; this is the focus.

This city is popularly called the  “Forest City” because it is situated in the middle of a forest and encompassed by woodlands and forests. It is currently one of the packed places in Ontario. 

It comprises commercial and residential regions and has innumerable attractions that tourists will want to explore. Not this alone; you will find a diverse mixture of things to do in London, Ontario

Best Things To Do in London, Ontario

The city of London has a special offer for everyone. It has lots of mind-blowing interests, ranging from displays to iconic attractions.

The growth of this city has been so rapid that currently, there are plenty  of things to do and sights to explore in London, Ontario.

Let’s glance at the ten best things to do in Ontario.

1. Explore The Beauty of Nature

Here are some spots that offer you the comfort of nature in a serene manner;

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of the many places in London, Ontario; people gather to enjoy the fresh air and the peace of nature. It is one of London’s most recognized gathering places, and this venue has countless annual events. Furthermore, one main fun activity that everyone can enjoy in this park is Squirrel Fishing, as many Eastern squirrels are said to be living in the park.

If you are yet to try this site, you are missing out.

Location: 580 Clarence ST. London, ON, N6A 3N1, Canada.

Springbank Park

It is London, Ontario’s vastest park in landmass, containing an enormous hectare of over 140 along the Thames River slope.

It boasts 30 km of track, and its famous headline attraction is Storybook Garden, a household park designed entirely after children’s nursery rhymes and stories.

Location: 1085 Commissioners Rd W, London.

Gibbons Park

Gibbons Parks, situated along the glamorous Thames River, offers a suitable environment to do activities such as walking, jogging, or biking with pals.

The park as well offers open lawns, tracks, and brushes to enjoy with man’s best friend.

In terms of sports activities, this park has three tennis courts and an active outdoor swimming pool.

Kids can also have fun here, as there are several provided playground arenas for their entertainment.

Location: 2A, Grosvenor St, London, ON 1YA, Canada.

2. Monuments Adventures

In London, Ontario, the two famous monuments that have captured tourists’ attention are St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica and the Banting House. The startling French Gothic Revival Church was erected in 1851, while the Banting House is a museum erected in memory of Frederick Banting, the producer of Insulin.

St Peter’s Cathedral

A small London Ontario church that is worth visiting. Even though it is not well-known like other churches, it does have some outstanding features.

St Peter’s Cathedral is situated in a crowded city but is very calm as if the disturbance from outside has nothing to do with it. The exterior structure of the church is mainly painted red with white dots around it.

Its Architectural features contain a little gothic style, which presents this church as a bit scary and bizarre.

Banting House

Banting House is the former residence of Dr. Franklin Banting, the man who invented Insulin. But afterward, the Banting’s House was transformed into a museum. This museum contains many relevant details about this house and Banting’s discovery of Insulin.

 Because the Banting Museum was a house before its conversion into a gallery, you will find properties such as desks, medicine, cabinet, and many others.

This museum is worth touring, as you’ll learn about the discovery of Insulin with the aid of the artifacts and apothecaries he used to manufacture medicine.

Location: 442 Adelaide ST N, London ON 3H8, Canada.

3. Skiing On The Slopes of the Boler Mountains.

This place is a must-visit for people planning their tour during the winter.

Boler Mountains is a lovely local ski area with various ski & snowboard tutorials and lift permit parcels for families.

Be you a beginner or a pro, there is a great deal of snowboard experience for everyone.

This site is also open during the summer, with many fun activities, such as playing beach volleyball, mountain biking, and lots more.

Location: 689 Griffith ST. London ON, N6k 2s5, Canada.  

4. Tour Around A Museum

Arts buffs, you should tour the museums of London, Ontario.

There are many museum options to pick from, but the most famous is the London Museum. In this museum, you will find more than 5000 artworks and 45,000 artifacts built by regional artists.

In the London Museum, you will also find displays of chunks from the famous 7-group.

Location: 421 Ridout ST N, London, ON N6A SH4, Canada.

5. University Of Western Ontario

This research university which is recognized globally has a campus that is as nearly as dignified as its troop of graduates. The main campus, located on 455 hectares ( 1,120 acres) and encircled by residential areas and the Thames Rivers, runs a 12 faculties institution.

This University of Western Ontario is a part of the U15, an association of intensive research in Canada.

Enjoy a walk around the school environment or relish a tasty meal at one of the fabulous eateries.

Location: 1151 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K7, Canada.

6. Visit The Past At Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Are you interested in learning the life and history of the first settlers to have made their dwelling in and around London? Then a tour of Fanshawe Pioneer Village should be top on your list.

Established in 1959 and situated in the Fanshawe Conservation Area, this perfect open-air gallery uses hands-on activities and re-enactments to clearly depict the lives of people who lived in this location from the 1800s down to the 20th Century.

Highlights of a tour around this site include an opportunity to explore four factual communities from the pioneer days to the 1920s, headlining everything from schools, churches  residential buildings and farmlands.

Period Costume tutors will be there and ready to explain traditional crafts, such as weaving and printing. There will also be enough time for everyone, young and old, to try these skills and several other conventional vocations.

This site also hosts several exhibitions annually. One of the most celebrated is their traditional Christmas Market which features seasonal skills, food, music, and entertainment.

Location: 1424 Clarke Road, London, Ontario.

Official Webpage:http://www.fanshawepioneervillage.ca

7. Throwback To Your Childhood At The London Kids Museum

Let’s be sincere; there’s no way 10,000 tourists can be wrong! Many young and older people who have toured this site yearly to sample the attraction and fun always come back to give positive testimonies.

This museum, established in 1975 and the first of a kind in Canada, focuses on subjects about kids and being a kid.

The “Child long ago.” display throwback kids to an 1880s schoolroom and offers kids the opportunity to learn what teaching was like, at that time.

This museum created several other fun and educational displays to stimulate learning and exploration, especially those dealing with science, housing, and tech.

Location: 21, Wharncliffe Road, S, London, Ontario.

8. Shop At Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is one of the ancient Canadian markets tracing its history as far back as 1835 and has been a tack on the city’s shopping setting ever since.

This seven days year-round open market, which is located downtown on Kings street, is always fussing with shoppers on the watch for locally made produce and fresh food.

Even though local agriculturist selling their produce makes up a more significant percentage of the market, the current day’s repertoire has broadened to cover everything from coffee roasters to cheese purveyors, bakers, artisans, and restaurateurs. This site is indeed an eye-savouring site.

London Soho Street Market is also worth touring. Take a stroll around the Victoria Tavern in London’s Soho area. The market has substantial prestige for the quality of its food, artisan merchants, and traditional entertainment.

Location: Covent Garden Market, 130 King Street, London, Ontario.

Official Webpage: https://coventmarket.com

9. Learn About Canada’s Military History

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum in Wosley Barrack is a must-visit for every military and history buff.

This site, established in 2013, highlights displays of uniforms and spectacles relating to the wars in which the regiments fought, as well as famous vehicles and ammunition.

Another outstanding military attraction in London is the 1st Hussar Museum, dedicated to the history of one of Canada’s early cavalry regiments.

The Jet Aircraft Museum, situated at London’s international airport, is another must-visit site. This museum which was established in 2013, headlines several vintage jet fighters.

Location: 701 Oxford Street E, London, Ontario.

Official Webpage: http://www.thercrmuseum.ca/en-ca

10. Tour London’s Most Ancient Home At  Eldon House.

The historic Eldon House, established in 1834, and is currently a museum, is a well-preserved symbol of the city’s rich history.

This site, situated in Eldon’s Harris park, is said to be the oldest residential building in London and is undoubtedly worth touring.

The Eldon House also operates several educational degree programs and workshops throughout the year, as well as seasonal exhibitions.

Location: 481 Ridout Street N, London, Ontario.

Official Webpage: https://eldonhouse.ca

11. Visit Kellogg’s Lane

This site, formerly the Behemoth Kellogg’s Factory, easily spotted by the savoury aroma, even from several hundreds of meters away, is the biggest attraction in London.

100 Kellogg’s Lane is the new name of this enormous establishment, and even though it still retains the popular Kellogg in its identity, the inside package is unique and unprecedented in all of Ontario.

This site, which has boosted the growth of several independent businesses, has a vast playground area for athletic people. It is, in fact, one of Canada’s largest indoor tourist parks.

12. Relax and Chill At Idlewild Inn and Spa

The lovely Idlewild Inn and Spa are situated in the city’s ancient south region.

With a wide range of body treatments to select from, this site is a strong contender for the ” Best London Therapeutic Center.”

The inn has an epicurean dining room with balcony seating in its private courtyard or coated front veranda.

The beautiful inn also has elegant rooms ranging from comfortable and relaxed to luxurious and expensive.

The Idlewild Inn and Spa are, for sure, one of London’s most excellent places for honeymoon couples’ fun time and a chill resort for yourself.

13. Watch a Live Show At The Grand Theatre

Richmond’s Grand Theatre is London’s best venue for live theatre and performances in a more comfortable setting.

With two gorgeous stages and lounges, the Grand Theatre outlines local and international tales in the outstanding theatre.

A tour of this site comes with a mind-blowing reward of an excellent, thrilling, and memorable show.

14. Explore The Eclectic Old East Village

Old East Village is one of London’s most unique and eclectic communities in Midtown.

This site, along Dundas street and its intersecting side streets between Adelaide and Highbury Avenue, has a wide range of local restaurants, artisans’ shops, display centers, and traders.

One distinctive feature that presents the Old East Village as one of London’s hidden treasures is its identity as a center for regional creativity and commerce, In one of the city’s most impoverished towns.

This village can be explored on foot, as you will undoubtedly want to browse around some unique stores, eateries, markets, and display centers.

To do this, consider taking a hike from Adelaide Street and walking through until the Western Fair Farmers Market.

15. Explore the Best Places To Eat In London, Ontario

London has an active culinary setting with plenty of fantastic restaurant selections for people of distinct cultures, budgets, and tastes.

Highlighted below are some of the best ones to give a try.

Best Fine Dining: Garlic Of London

Its name says it all. Are you a fan of everything garlic, then this is for you?

An adorable feature of this eatery is its deliberate feature of garlic in unusual ways, such as slow-roasted garlic bulbs and crostini, black garlic fettucini, and even garlic-flavoured ice cream.

Best Ethnic Restaurant: Addis Ababa

Want to try a cuisine that is rich in flavour, spicy, and gives that actual ethnic experience?

Then we recommend you check out the TG Addis Ababa Restaurant.

Aside from the fact that this eatery makes fantastic dishes, you will surely get an actual cultural experience as you crack the Injera bread bit by bit.

Additionally, the gorgeous African decor in this restaurant will make you feel like you are in an Ethiopian eatery.


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