20 Best Things To Do In Winnipeg

20 Best Things To Do in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a city defined by grace and grit- It boasts of its prairie ancestry and has a bustling arts theater. 

Winnipeg is situated at the very center of North America. This Canadian city has a population just a bit below a million and has an outstanding selection of well-known exports.

Ranging from childhood characters down to popular writers and cultural idols, this average-sized city offers tourists an infinite number of things to do and see. 

Best Things to Do in Winnipeg

Are you looking for suggestions on the best things to do in the Canadian city of Winnipeg? To prepare your mind for your Canadian adventure, I’ve compiled this list of the best things to do in Winnipeg. 

1. The Canadian Museum For Human Rights. 

Museum enthusiasts, this should be your first visit spot. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is Canada’s earliest museum which was established for the sole purpose of exemplifying the evolution, crisis, and future of human rights around the world.

In the spirit of human history, this museum is known to be engaging, emotional, and thought-provoking.

Canadian human rights operations have been approved and commemorated around the globe, but as we all know, progress is a step-by-step trip, and the CHMR is an account of the worldwide quest for equality. 

2. Cheer on The Blue Bombers

Winnipeg is a city filled with sports enthusiasts, and football is one of the most cherished games here.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have served the purpose of entertainment to fanatic fans over the past 80 years.

The Canadian Football League (CFL), which begins in July and ends in early November (A 20 weeks package) gives you a bunch of time to slide into town and catch a game.

This is no common club, they have won and have been Grey Cup Champions 10 times, the third highest in the entire league. 

3. The Assiniboine Park and Zoo

It can be really hard to find an all-year-round available activity, but the Assiniboine Zoo is an exception, it isn’t seasonal.

In this zoo, you will find the usual wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and a host of other endangered and unusual species, including red pandas, polar bears, and lemurs. 

4. Watch Ballets

It might quite surprise you to know that the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is one of the world’s most prominent ballet firms.

It is the first ballet company to be accorded a royal title by Queen Elizabeth II and is currently one of the most difficult schools to gain admission into.

Famous dancers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Evelyn were once students of this institution.

This age longed company spends almost half of the year traveling around the world, however, if you are opportune to watch them perform in their native town in Winnipeg, it is such a delightful experience. 

5. The Forks National Historic Site: 

Once you know that the City of Winnipeg was established at a considerable crossroad of two great rivers, you get to realize why togetherness is vital.

The Forks, which is said to be Winnipeg’s most visited site, is a notable area situated in the center of the city and amasses more than 4 million tourists annually. 

This site is well known for being the trade center of the Aboriginal nations, European hair merchants, Scottish business people, and Metis Buffalo for over 6,000 years ago.

In this famous historic site, you will find everything ranging from museums to chic boutiques and business centers where you get to buy, produce and interact with the residents.

6. Winnipeg Art Gallery

If you eventually come here during the winter, try out those fascinating, entertaining, and inspiring activities. The Winnipeg Art Gallery(WAG) is as stunning in outlook, with its architectural luminance.

This site hosts installations from all the big cities around the world and is home to the world’s foremost and most famous collection of modern Inuit art. 

7. Visit The Royal Canadian Mint

Coin collectors and history enthusiasts! You will love to visit this spot. Get a feel of its unique museum and manufacturing installations with a bilingual handbook guide.

Discover how this mint has been able to crank out more than 55 million coins for much more than 75 countries around the world. 

8. Cool Your Heels At Ray Almond

Indeed, we don’t all reside in Igloos and drive dog sleds, however, you will promptly learn that Winter is that season of the year when Canadians transcend everyone.

Winnipeg has a wide range of fantastic winter festivals that are surely gonna warm your heart and set your taste buds on fire. 

Raw Almond Is an outdoor newly established restaurant situated directly close to the Frozen River at the Forks National Historic Site. Yearly, top cooks present their best menus to the festival officiators, but only the sole best are picked and allotted the honor of serving the masses.

The festival is held mostly from late January into early February.

9. The Thrill of The Jets

Canada is a hockey-loving country, and it is not a matter of the home city, if you have the pleasure of catching a game, you will be delighted.

If you happen to be in Winnipeg from October into the late spring, head straight to the BEII MTS place and support the Jets to Victory alongside 15,000 of your newest friends. 

10. Manyfest On Broadway

The series of street festivals held in Winnipeg during the late summer months is usually fun-filled. 

One of the most famous festivals is the Manyfest, an annual family-friendly street festival held on Broadway, just between Osborne and Main street.

This three days festival is packed with varieties such as wine and beer gardens, DJs, delicious food trucks, and pancake breakfast. 

The ticket is free, the same as the entertainment. It is such a cool way of spending a weekend in Winnipeg. 

11. Skate The Red River Mutual Trail

Skating outdoors during the winter is one of the best fun activities one can do and I will strongly recommend you do this on the longest natural skating track in the world, The Red River Mutual Trail.

It is a bit above 6km and is home to a wide range of fun outdoor activities including Hockey, Curling, and Sledding. 

Due to the weather-dependent nature of the trail, you might have to wait for the mercury to drop, before the trail will open. 

12. Stroll Around The Legislature

Just like other major Canadian provinces, Winnipeg has quite a several beautiful and historic communities such as the “Osborne Village” which was voted to be one of “Canada’s Best Neighborhoods” because of its tree-lined streets, famous lines, and thrilling eateries.

Take a tour over the bridge and get a stroll around the Provincial Legislature

History and Government enthusiasts will certainly love to take this stroll with their cameras to capture a few memorable moments. 

Once you are done with the tour, head straight back to the village and enjoy a delicacy from one of the many numbers of international restaurants. 

13. Day Trip To Iceland

Have you ever envisaged going on a day trip to Iceland without having to board a flight? Seated on Lake Winnipeg’s west shore is Gimli, a small village that was settled by Canadian Icelanders in 1875. For several years, Gimli has managed to maintain the Icelandic language and culture.

This city is home to the famous Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, Canadians usually visit this place to enjoy Icelandic food, performances, and cultural exhibitions. 

14. Visit The Manitoba Children’s Museum  

During winter periods, the residents of Winnipeg usually gather their children for some cultural fun and displays. But no matter what season it is, the Manitoba Children’s Museum is open to the whole family.

The Museum is located in one of Winnipeg’s ancient buildings, which dates back to 1889 and happens to be the oldest surviving train repair shop in West Toronto. 

The Manitoba Children’s Museum is home to several award-winning permanent exhibits, such as “Pop m’Art’ where kids can purchase their art caches in a grocery-inspired showcase. 

Kids also have the opportunity of learning about dairy farming at the ” Milk Machine ” display center.  

15. Photo Ops Along The River Walk 

Winnipeg’s most popular seasons for tourists are spring, summer, and fall. Going through this amazing list makes you see why this is so.

This city is one of Canada’s most walkable cities, with lots of green spaces and wonderful walks. 

The riverwalk headlines the city and takes visitors right from Riel Esplanade down to Winnipeg’s Legislative structures. While touring this fall, blasts of red, yellow, and burnt oranges crinkle in trees along the way, so ensure to bring your camera along. 

16. Canada Inns Winter Wonderland

Winter around these parts might be very harsh, but still very lovely. If you’re courageous enough to withstand the cold, Winnipeg sure has plenty of fun packages kept in store for you, during this winter period. From the beginning of December to the start of January, tourists are invited for a 2.5km fun ride around 26 uniquely designated areas, with more than a million lights. 

Are you feeling extra festive?

Take a pause by the way and enjoy some outdoor ice skating or go whisking through the snow on a one-horse-open-sleigh. 

17. Visit The Saint-Boniface Museum

The farther east of the Rockies you tour, the richer Canada’s Metis and Francophone tend to be. Winnipeg is home to a large Metis Community, and in no other places is this documented than the Saint Boniface Museum.

The location of this Museum was formerly the First Western Canada Hospital in the 1840s before it became a school, which was attended by Louis Rel. 

In 1995, it received the “Heritage Canada Foundation” award for its immense contribution to the development of Canadian history. 

18. A Trip To Churchill

One of the foremost districts in the province of Manitoba is Churchill. This city is situated on the western coast of Hudson Bay, about a thousand kilometers away from Winnipeg. The first people to have sojourned in this place were a troop of Europeans in 1619 led by Jen Munk, a Danish explorer. The area currently has a large settlement and is popularly known as “The Polar Bear Capital of The World” 

Several companies offer tours in big range rovers, and also several nature trips to view whales, the arctic, foxes, wolves, and caribou. 

19. Routes Along The Red

One of the most unique activities to engage in, in Winnipeg is the walk in the footsteps of past tourists, and this can be achieved by exploring life around the very Significant Red River Valley.

Be it cycling along the coast of ancient Lake Agassiz or packing up your canoe and paddling along the Red River, there are up to 20 self-directed trips to take. The trip routes are all family-friendly and are one great way of exploring the historic background of Canada. 

20. Watch The Northern Light

Manitoba is deemed to be among the top three destinations on earth to see the Northern Light, and even though you may not see that in Winnipeg, due to the effect of light pollution, a quick ride towards the North offers countless ideal viewing sites for one of Mother Nature’s most stunning exhibitions. 

Just as you’ve guessed, the best viewing months are the coldest months


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