15 Best Things To Do In Tofino

Have you ever visualized that bliss of putting on your wetsuit, jerking a surfboard, and spending the whole day in the Wild Pacific Ocean waves?

Return to the shore to stare at the sunset with your buddies, then end the day sleeping at the rainforest noise.

Doesn’t this Sound incredible?

So we all thought until we encountered Tofino in reality

Located on the western coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is the Surf Capital of Canada, filled with innumerable ways to experience the bliss and serenity of nature by the sea.

 There are several incredible things to do in Tofino, from storm watching during the winter to hand-painted twilights during the summer.

Best Things To Do In Tofino

In this post, I will share some of the most amazing things to do during a long weekend tour of Tofino. I will also give hints on some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy tasty meals, visit places, and explore adventures.

Seat tight and enjoy.

1. Surfing In Tofino

It is no longer a hidden fact that people all across the globe come to Surf in Tofino. The Frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest, which is famous for its unique swells, attract a specific species of surfers who aren’t scared to withstand the cold waters and stormy tides.

You will see and watch surfers at any season of the year, with the most common surfing sites for professionals being Cox Bay and Long Beach.

Do you want to watch and not stand out in the cold?

Then tour the Long Beach Resort for some memorable moments, and sit in their pub, which has floor-to-ceiling windows with fantastic views of the bay.

Want to attempt surfing by yourself?

These are some of the best surf shops, gear rental spots, and surfing schools in Tofino:-

Surf Sisters.

Pacific Surf Co

Tofino Surf School.

2. Tour the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The Pacific Rim National Reserve, just around the southern coast of Torino, is an attractive site that eagerly waits for adventurous tourists to explore its goodness. This park amasses more than 500 Square feet of stony shoreline, stunning cliffs, and incredible Temperate rainforest spots.

Some of the fun and accessible hike activities on this site include the fun stroll to Radar Hill, taking a walk around the extensive shores of Long Beach, and exploring the Kwisitis Tourist Center at Wickaninnish Beach.

The lengthiness of this trail won’t matter when you begin to enjoy Tofino’s natural and rugged beauty.

If you’re looking for a site to enjoy fun outdoor activities within Tofino, the Pacific National Rim Reserve is an excellent pick.

3. Storm Watching

During the winter, one of the most popular things lots of people do in Tofino is Storm Watching.

Storm-watching is done by taking a stroll around beaches during high tides and safely watching the tides crash on the cliffside beautifully.

There are many exploring sites for this activity, but I recommend these two.

-Sunset Point At Cox Bay

Want to get closer to the action?

try touring around Sunset Point in the northern area of Cox Bay.

On this site, you can sit close to a clove while watching sneaker waves crash beautifully against the rocks.

Ensure not too near the edges; note the wet spots of the rock and be far from there.

-Tonquin Beach Trail Towards Third Beach.

This concealed trail sits high above the water’s edges on the cliffside’s upper area.

Scattered around the hike are broadways toward the sea, where you can view the stormy tides crashing against the beach.

This site is worth visiting.

4. Exploring Wildlife

Another favorite thing to do in Tofino is to go on a whale-watching trip.

There are a handful of notable tour outfitters for whale watching in Tofino, prepared to cater to a wide range of needs and wants of their prospects.

They include:-

Jamie’s Whaling Station

Ocean Outfitters

West Coast Aquatic Safaris.

Some aquatics that can be viewed along the shoreline of Tofino are gray whales, humpback whales, and Orcas. It is also possible to find bald eagles, sea lions, otters, and even some seaside animals like bears and deer.

The most popular period to embark on this activity in Tofino is between June and September.

Ensure you book your tour ticket during this period to stand the best chance of seeing a whale.

5. Explore Hiking Trails In Tofino

There are quite a several fantastic hiking trails in Tofino and its environs to explore.

Many of them are on the shorter side, spiraling through the forest and stopping at the waters.

Some of the very best hikes in Tofino Include:-

Wild Pacific Trailhouse Loop in Ucluelet

The Wild Pacific Trail house comprises two very short hiking trails in Ucluelet that encompass the rocky cliff rims of the Pacific Oceans.

During sunset, this spot has a fantastic aura with panoramic views of the oceans blazed with sea stacks and stormy tides.

Cox Bay Lookout

Cox Bay Lookout is a  short but straight trail that takes you to a hilltop situated on the south coast of the beach.

This trail, which is usually muddy after rainfall, would require hand and knee climbing.

Nevertheless, the climb is worth it because, at the peak, you can view Downtown Tofino and Clayoquot Sound Islands.

6. Take A Scenic Flight Around Tofino

Things to do in Tofino are in diverse forms, and they can be explored not only by land and seas but also by air.

In addition to charter flights to different islands and bays in the Clayoquot Sound, you can also book a trip ticket on a scenic flight.

A scenic flight tour in Tofino offers geographical truths about the area, its history, fun facts, and much more.

The most popular of these scenic flights is the Atleo Air. They provide scenic flights within Torino’s vicinity and offer charter flights, custom trips, or transport for wedding ceremonies.

7. Tour The Hot Spring Cove

If you are looking for one unique activity in Tofino, a Hot Spring Cove tour should be top of your list.

Hot Spring Cove is situated inside Maquinna Marine Provincial Park.

To tour this site, you must book a travel ticket by plane or boat. An average trip would cost around $120-$150 per person and last up to 5 hours, at least.

Your boat driver/pilot is expected to drop you off at the Maquinna Marine Provincial Park piers.

From the boat take-off, you’ll go on a 1.5km broadway ride from the old-way growth rainforest to the bottom of the peninsula. There are provisions for toilets and shelters as you tour the springs.

Enjoy the streaming pools as you hear the sounds of tide crashing tides of the Pacific Ocean.

8. Visit The Best Beaches In Tofino

There are countless beaches to explore in Tofino. Here are some of the best I recommend you tour on your next visit to Vancouver Island.

Wickaninnish Beach-On this site, which is home to some of the biggest swells in Tofino, you can nearly always find surfers catching waves.

Make a stop at the Kwisitis Tourist Center to discover more about the indigenous culture, and go on a short hike to South Beach to explore the fabulous Tofino Beach.

Long Beach- This beach which is about 16 km in length, is said to be the longest in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Visit the Incinerator Rock tie for big swells or to view the sunset.

Cox Bay: This site is famous for its constant waves, which is why surfers love it. Stay here at sunset and enjoy some brew at the Long Beach Lounge.

Mackenzie Beach: Mackenzie Beach is an excellent spot for amateur surfers who want to build their confidence. It is a lovely place to watch Tofino sunsets, have beach campfires, and go on open-ocean paddle boarding.

Chesterman Beach: Chesterman Beach is split into the northern and southern beaches. It is a such fantastic spot for beach combing activities, especially around the Frank Island axis.

Tonquin Park: This is one of the best beaches in Tofino. With different boardwalks, overlooks, and isolated caves to explore, this is the perfect beach to enjoy with family and friends.

9. Fancy Eateries In Torino

From the beautiful dining rooms of Hostels and resorts in Tofino to small surf cottages with tasty meals, great spots for eating in Tofino are abundant.

Here are some of our dearests

Tofitian- Tofitian is an excellent and suitable coffee joint between Tofino and Ucluelet. Enjoy a variety of heroic espresso, tea drinks, and baked goods on your way out to another beach.

Rhino Coffee– This site is situated in the heart of Downtown Tofino and is a famous spot for residents and tourists alike. They toast and sell their beans and make tasty donuts and breakfast sandwiches. A perfect place to enjoy breakfast!

10. Enjoy Tasty Meals At The Best Tofino Restaurants

Tofino has fantastic eateries that ensure delightful, tasty, and savory meals. Some of the best are:-

Tacofino: While this eatery can be found in Vancouver and Victoria, eating at the original location is always special. Enjoy some of their tasty Mexican diets served out of a food truck. These food trucks are just a five-minute drive from the back of the town at the parking yard where Live to Surf and Wildside Grill are situated, just around the Pacific Rim Highway.

Tacofino certainly has to be the most famous food store in Tofino, so expect to see a queue of people when you get there.

Fortunately, you might only have to wait a short time due to the nature of their food, but even if you do, their tasty meals are worth the wait.

Shelter Restaurant- One of the ancient restaurants in Tofino that serves freshly made and local ingredients

Wolf In The Fog: Meals served here are fantastic, but our primary reason for adding this eatery to this list is because of their cocktails and drinks. They have a wide variety of specialty spirits and a thrilling cocktail menu. Their bar, which is upstairs, is a fantastic place to sit and gulp some excellent beers.

Other great eateries in Tofino include

1909 Kitchen



To mention a few.

11. Take Care of Your Health and Wellness In Tofino

Several scientific hypotheses have proved that staying around waterslides has a rejuvenating effect. Fortunately, Tofino has plenty of water bodies around.

There are many places in Tofino to book a spa day, massage, natural health services, yoga, and much more.

Some famous wellness vendors in Tofino include-

-Ancient Cedars Spa: Provide luxury spa services, which are perfect for honeymooners.

– Tofino Mobile Massage: Deliver massage services right to your doorstep.

-Coastal Bliss Yoga: A Student-concentrated yoga studio.

12. Go Shopping And Visit Museums

The Metropolitan area of Tofino is home to multiple boutiques selling local goods, crafts, and arts. It’s usually very shocking to see the number of skillful people living in this corner of the world. Still, the quirky city of Tofino is an attraction for creatives and expressive people.

One good thing about the stores in Tofino is that they are not filled with tacky souvenirs. Instead, they purchase top-quality products from the locals.

There are several places to shop in Tofino, but one of our unique small stores is the Caravan Beach Shop. Even though this shop isn’t spacious, they sure have an incredible choice of things, from clothing to photograph images to funky camp appliances.

On one of our recent tours to Tofino, we learned about Merge, a store with Canadian-made products, including clothes, interior decor, and self-care.

This shop, whose exterior is painted bright pink, is worth touring.

Want to take some cool pics?

Dig into Jeremy Korewski and Kyler Voe’s studios, experienced local photographers who have captured many fantastic decor and wildlife pictures.

The Roy Henry Vickers Gallery is another fantastic spot with early Nations’ art produced by ancient local Roy Henry Vickers. He even erected the building which houses his gallery together with his friends.

13. Fishing In Tofino, BC 

With such an active aquatic world, it’s not shocking to see people from all walks of life trooping here to get out on the water for fishing.

Tofino sure has an active fishing spectacle for residents and tourists alike.

Want to explore this fully?

Go on tour with one of the plenty of fishing charters in Tofino

Be it a half or full-day trip; your pilot will take you to some of the best spots depending on the type of fish you prefer.

Aside from exploring the fishing in some of the world’s best rivers, you’ll also get fantastic views as you tour past the island and Wildlife before arriving at your destination.

 14. Gulp A Fleet of Beers At Tofino Brewing Co.

Just like every other thing in this city, The Tofino Brewery has made a name with its beers. Although this brewery started minor, its beers are now almost found in every nook and cranny of Western Canada.

But nothing beats the feeling of gulping some bottles in their place of production.

You can request a single beer or a fleet of them so that you can try out a variety of brews. However, we recommend you check out these three

Tofino Blonde Ale (simple but flavorful)

-Tuff Session Ale

– Kelp Stout

Please don’t be selfish; grab a few and take them back to your friends (Chuckles).

15. Go On A Sea Kayaking Tour

Discover what makes the Tofino wilderness unique by touring on a Sea Kayaking trip.

Tofino Sea Kayaking offers guided trips that will take you around the Clayoquot waters while teaching tourists the relevance and honors placed on the traditional provinces of Tia-o-Qu-at, Ahousaht, and Hesquit First Nations.


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