20 Best Things To Do in Toronto

The Canadian city of Vancouver is especially known for its spectacular views and a surplus of incredible outdoor activities, even so as does Toronto. As the largest and most diverse Canadian city, Toronto offers a variety of activities that will surely entice first Timers and long-time tourists as well. 

On the list curated by World Atlas, Toronto ranked first on the list of the “world’s most multicultural cities” with more than 50% of its three million population born outside of Canada, and to celebrate this diversity, Toronto created and dedicated a new slogan to this course,  which is known as Toronto: Diversity Our Strength

In addition to its cultural facet, this urban city offers plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, stunning and elegant views, and a wide range of marketplaces and neighborhoods to explore. 

Best Things To Do In Toronto

Whether you are searching for something special to do or browsing for a gift adventure for your Toronto Friends, you are sure to find excellent inspirations in this list of the best things to do while in Toronto. 

Let’s get to it. 

1. Visit The Royal Ontario Museum

If you want to take a trip into the past, whenever you visit Toronto, then the Royal Ontario Museum should be your best option. 

As one who has a great interest in facets of science, history, and art, this is certainly one of the best things you can do in Toronto. 

With millions of items, that are both historic and prehistoric, kept in more than 50 galleries, you can see the reason why the Royal Ontario Museum is such a delight to visit.

This museum gives a perfect peek into history, even before the origination of the human race. 

There are pieces from earliest-century Japan as well as dinosaur bones. It contains incredible temporal collections including the “Fayum Mummy” and “In the age of Rembrandt” sculptures. 

2. Soak Up The Vibes Of the Distillery District

Speaking of culture-related recreation, The Distillery District is the heartbeat of Toronto. 

Lined up in the cobbled streets are art galleries, theaters, and eateries, with 19th-century ancient whisky storehouses delivering charming backdrops. 

3. Take A Food Tour Around Kensington Market

A honeypot in the already beautiful bohemian community of Toronto! The Kensington Market feasts creatives and tourists with delicious delicacies. 

All you’ve just gotta do is join a food tour and eat through the multinational food stalls. 

Are you a fan of Tibetan momos or would you rather want Jamaican Patties? 

Rehydrate in one of the sensational bars, then enjoy some rest, while scanning through their unique vintage boutiques, and admiring mind-blowing artistic exhibitions. 

4. Get Active In Toronto Island Parks: 

Leap into a Ferrari and Drive straight into Lake Ontario for some mind-blowing episodes in Toronto Island Park. There are a whole lot of islands to explore, with bridges and pathways making them quite accessible. 

Feeling so powerful?

Stroll around the island or rent a bike for easy sightseeing, then steer to the beach for fun swimming and boating experiences.

5. Go On a Hop-On Hop-off bus Tour

To view the very best sights of Toronto, hop in one of the coolest buses and travel around town. 

To enjoy the very best views, bag a seat on the exterior deck and tour the streets with pride. 

6. Watch the Sunsets On A Dinner Cruise

Enjoy your leisure in Toronto with an indulgent twilight dinner cruise. 

The gorgeous ship journeying across the harbor gives you front-row seats to take a glimpse at the bright city skyline. 

Settle in for dinner in the adorable cottage, drinking the different flavors of locally sourced ingredients.

6. Feel the Thrills At Niagara Falls:

Grasp the complete force of nature in North America’s most powerful waterfalls.

Wanna get tighter and more personal? 

Then ride straight down into the fog on a Hornblower trip, or get to explore behind the cascades and feel the drizzle on your face. 

For a more special experience, take a helicopter flight across Niagara falls to hit all the right notes on Ontario’s encircling wine country.

8. Explore Another World in Chinatown 

Almost every world capital has its Chinatown, but we are of guess that, that Toronto’s might just be the best. 

It feels like you are taking a walk around the Chinese city of Beijing as you stroll past those Chinese supermarkets and marts in the energetic neighborhood. 

The next time you visit this city, especially during the Chinese New Year, try dimming sum and noodles in one of the family-owned eateries and watch live dance performances as well. 

9. Breathe In Floral Scents At Edwards Garden:  

Scent the alluring perfumes oozing straight outta beautiful summer flowers and stroll behind towering rhododendron frontiers in this ancient estate garden. 

The Edwards Garden, which is located very close to Toronto Botanical Garden is seasoned with very lovely ground features. 

The upland area is filled with swathes of wildflowers that are constantly whizzing with bees, while the canyon has an exceptionally stunning rockery to admire. 

10. Take To The Skies On An Helicopter Trip:

Among all the things to do in Toronto, flying over the city in a helicopter is by miles the most exciting. 

Enjoy a bird’s eye view from your lofty saddle. Never forget to take your camera alongside you so you can capture those amazing skyline views.   

11. Pedal Around The City On A Bike Tour:

Toronto is a big city filled with lots of pleasant views, so why not join a well-organized bike cruise and visit as many landmarks as possible in a shorter period? 

Pay a visit to the Distillery Island District before taking a tour of the gorgeous beach. 

Traveling between the junctures is one incredible way of getting to know Ontario’s capital on your terms. 

12. Become An Explorer While Dog Sledding: 

This sport is a very popular one in Canada, but do you know you can do it effortlessly in Toronto? 

An exciting day trip whisks you off into the breezes of Ontario to flee the city bustles and embrace nature. 

13. Feast on Local Delicacies

Hailed to be the best food market on earth, St. Lawrence has been feeding the city of Toronto for more than two centuries.

Crinkle into Montreal-style bagels, and Portuguese egg pastries, or sharpen your skills in a cooking class inspired by farm-house. 

14. Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario

There is an excess collection of more than 90,000 slabs of art in Ontario’s top gallery. You might not be opportune to see everything, but it is quite entertaining to explore. 

You will so admire everything ranging from how edgy modern pieces are chopped by Canadian artists to the traditional African exhibitions, which are inspired by life on the cozy continent.

Watch out for popular European masterpieces like works by Rubens. 

14. Explore The Hockey Hall of Fame

Fans of Hockey! This is where you can come for your sporting fix.

The Hockey Hall of Fame, which are also the host of the Stanley cup brags about the world’s biggest memorabilia from Canadian National sports. This athletic experience is one of the most fun activities to do in Toronto. 

You also get the chance to develop your goalkeeping skills with simulation games and know more about exhibits dedicated to famous sportsmen.

16. Go On A Wine Tour

Take a tour of the center of Niagara’s wine country and discover unique flavors, while surrounded by swiveling green countryside. 

There is iced wine available on request at the Pellar Estate, and special tastings are available on the lakeside of Niagara. 

Optionally, you can scan out the best vintages in the rural terrains of Prince Edwards County, and feast on some tasty local lunch in one of the vineyards.

17. Learn About Toronto’s Food History

Take a food stroll trip around Kensington Market and find out the inceptions of the mouth-watering delicacies being displayed. 

Just like the saying goes “The evidence is in the pudding“, so discover and enjoy a transnational trip through delightful flavors. 

Explore Canadian fry bread, Syrian hummus, and Indian tacos before rounding up with one of Ontario’s favorite-the candy butter tart. 

18. Take Pictures In the Graffiti Alley:

Street art is all the excitement at the moment, so urban adventurers will for sure love the fancy decorations at Toronto’s Fashion area of Rush Lane. 

The beautiful colors and shiny images bring the inner walls of the city a positive aura and send a very powerful memo to spectators. 

Tour Graffiti Alley for gorgeous photoshoots, stunning vacation shots, and inspiration into the lives of those skilled urban artists. 

19. Climb The CN Tower

The CN tower, which proudly stands on Toronto’s city skyline is one of the most gigantic buildings in Canada. 

Famously referred to as an Engineering wonder of the Contemporary World, the tower is a must-behold for first-timers in Toronto. 

Carry the glass-fronted elevator up to the observation floor and stare over the city through the huge panoramic windows. The floor itself is made of glass, so ensure to gaze down as well. 

20. Catch A Game At the Rogers Center

The popular ” Rogers Center” is home to the Toronto Blue Jays, the professional baseball team of the city. Pay for a ticket to watch a game and enjoy the electric atmosphere as the players exhibit their skills. 

Take a trip around the stadium and explore the BTS and preambles of the games. 

It is sure a thrilling voyage, so ensure to take your camera along. 


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