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20 Safest Cities to Live in Canada

Canada is an enormous country filled with varieties of cultures. It also has various varieties of climates to match it, as well. Like every other country, Canada overall is relatively safe but has cities that are considered dangerous.

Cultural and climatic factors come into play when a person decides where to raise a family; one of the most important factors to consider is the high prevailing crime rate and how secure you, your family, and your belongings are in that city. 

The Safest Places in Canada

Below, we will take a look at how 20 Canadian cities pile up to the national average while comparing a few metrics. 

Our gauges for this comparison are the Crime Severity, property crime, and regulated drug offenses indexes.

And the National averages for these stats are as follows:  

  1. Crime Severity Index-75.01
  2. Property Crime-431.24
  3. Regulated Drug Offenses- 31.58

The 20 Safest Canadian Cities are in this Order; 

1. Laselle, ON

Quick Stats

Population: 32,889

Crime Severity Index: 15

Property Crime: 100.34

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production:9.12

As gathered by the latest Maclean’s stat, Laselle comes first in the ranking of the safest cities in Canada.

As there were nearly zero records of violent crimes, and property crimes were not up to a quarter of the national average. However, a slight rise in regulated drug crimes and fraudulent activities was noticed.

2. Hamilton Township, ON

Quick Stats

Population: 11,262

Crime Severity Index: 22

Property Crimes: 230.86

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 8.88

Equated to its size, this city has a sizable percentage of property crimes.

However, it is interesting to cite that property crimes were reduced drastically, and are currently 50% lower than the national average.

It is also very important to note that every crime in Hamilton is lower than the National average, even though recent stats indicate a slight rise in some of them. 

3. Oak, Bay, BC.

Population: 18,702

Crime Severity Index: 27

Property Crime: 160.41

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 0

According to the latest stats, there seems to be a decline in crime in this city, save sexual and physical assaults, which are both on the increase, sadly.

Even with these high cases of assault, the Crime Severity Index is still below half of the National Average. 

In comparison with the Violent Crime Severity Index, which is at 87.03, the CSI of Oak Bay seems pretty okay with only 12 cases recorded, as of the last stat. 

4. Halton Region, ON

Quick Stat

Population: 580, 016.

Crime Severity Index: 27

Property Crime:171.5

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 5

Considering its huge size, the low crime rate in this city is quite impressive.

Although most of the recent stat indicates a slight rise in most of the crime categories. But asides, from the VSCI and CSI, the Index of all other offenses is still lower than the national average.

In addition, the five-year average only indicated a 1.9 increase in CSI, which is indeed impressive for a town of over 500,000 residents

5. Lakeshore, ON 

Quick Stat

Population: 39,599

Crime Severity Index: 28

Property Crime: 166.84

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 0

In the past 5 years, Lakeshore has witnessed only a slight increase of 5 in its CSI.

Even with this rise, crimes across the city are still well below the country’s National averages. However, Lakeshore seems to be battling cases of fraud and youth-related offenses. But none of these crimes have a huge effect on the general danger in this city. 

6. North Saanich, BC 

Quick Stat

Population: 11, 371

Crime Severity Index: 28

Property Crimes: 136.39

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 0

Earning a spot in the list of the safest cities to live in Canada is another community from Vancouver Island, which now solidifies a fact that life on the island is serene.

Although it has an impressive CSI stat according to recent stats, this does not cancel issues of crimes. North Saanich has a fair share of assaults and theft, but these are not enough to heighten their CSI considerably.

7. Warman, SASK

Quick Stat

Population: 14,158

Crime Severity Index: 28

Property Crime: 134.2

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 14.13

Warman is the first city in Saskatchewan to earn a deserving spot on this list.

The average CSI of this city dropped below 4.92 in the past 5 years.

Considering its population, there are indeed problems with the sexual and physical assaults category, as both were said to have increased, according to recent stats. 

8. Levis, QC

Quick Stat

Population: 146, 085

Crime Severity Index: 30

Property Crimes: 115.69

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 16.43

Over the past few years, the “Not too high” CSI of this city has declined by about 4.91, which is quite remarkable. However, a negative stat is that the VSCI has slightly heightened to 35. Yet, it remains less than half of the national average, even with a slight upswing.

The major factor that influenced this increase was a slight increase in cases of assaults. But generally, Lewis remains a stable city to live in and visit. 

9. Elgin County

Quick Stat

Population: 44, 838

Crime Severity Index: 31

Property Crimes: 218.56

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 13.38

According to the most recent reports, various categories of drug offenses increased in Elgin County and this seemed to have heightened physical and sexual assault as well.

But even with this rise, the total average over the past 5 years has shown a 0.05 decline in the CSI. Furthermore, property crimes have also lessened below half of the national average. 

10. Caledon, ON. 

Quick Stat:

Population: 72,568

Crime Severity Index: 32

Property Crime: 209.46

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 8.27

Even though Caledon ranks relatively high on this list, some disturbing facts are coming through, according to the latest Macleans stats.

This year, while many of the crime stats have declined considerably, homicide and sexual assault are still pretty high. 

The most disturbing fact is the total average increase of 7.49 in the crime severity index over the past five years. However, even with these negative stats, Caledon is still proving to be an overall safe city.

11. Blainville Qc: 

Quick stats

 Population: 59, 756

Crime Severity Index: 32

Property Crime: 184.08

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 20.08

If an award category could be curated for the “Most Improved CSI”, then the city of Blainville should undoubtedly be on the shortlist of cities for that award. Blainville has witnessed a whopping improvement of about -11.9 over the past 5 years.

This was a much-desired change for this city as almost all of its stats were gradually climbing up to the national average. 

12. Wellington County

Quick Stat

Population: 96,345

Crime Severity Index:32

Property Crime: 201.36

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 13.49

Wellington County is on this list presently, but if this upswing in crime rates continues, I’m afraid, this city will slip lower and lower on this list every year, and might eventually not be on the list in a few years to come.

So far, they have a track record increase of 2.94 in their total CSI over the past five years, and according to recent stats, there is an increase in all the crime stats.

It is normal to witness a constant fluctuation of yearly stats, but it calls for concern when the negative trend keeps increasing. 

13. Central Saanich, BC 

Quick Stat

Population: 17,951

Crime Severity Index: 13

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 11.14

Compared to their northern compatriot who shares a similar name, Central Saanich is not doing entirely well in the fight against crimes.

Even though it still has a remarkable CSI as against the national average, they are still battling issues of drugs and reckless driving.

Both dilemmas inevitably play into community safety. 

14. Port Moody BC

Quick Stats

Population: 35,138

Crime Severity Index: 36

Property Crime:199.21

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production ( Per 100k): 5.69

With a 5-year deficit of -1.9 in their CSI, this city is certainly on the right route. With an already fair low crime rate, Port Moody witnessed a decline in all crime categories, according to recent stats.

But one area which still seems like a hard nut to crack is that of deficient and reckless driving.

This issue sits at almost double the national average, but this alone is not enough reason to wipe this city off this list. 

15. Terrebonne, QC. 

Quick Stat

Population: 140,305

Crime Severity Index: 37

Property Crime: 165.36

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 16.39

Terrebonne is another city that deserves to be on the shortlist of ” Most Improved” Canadian Cities if there were such.

It witnessed a massive decline of 19.5 in the recent CSI stat, over the past five years. This improvement was very much necessary, as this city was already on its way to the national average mark for several crime categories. 

It is worth noting that even an average CSI is not quite bad when assessing a city of over 140,000 residents. 

16. Colwood BC

Quick Stat

Population: 18, 276

Crime Severity Index: 37

Property Crime: 153.27

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 5.47

Another city around Vancouver Island, the fourth to be more number specific!

Now we can see the vivid reason why CTV news quoted seven different cities to be the best Canadian cities to live in.

Although Colwood witnessed an increase of 2.94 in Its CSI over the past five years, it is still deserving of a spot on this list, with its crime scores way lower than the country’s average.  

17. Richelieu-Saint-Laurent Region, QC

Quick Stat

Population: 209,242

Crime Severity Index: 37

Property Crime: 252.81

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production(per 100k): 3.82.

Cases of violent crimes increased in this eastern city, but in general, the CSI has declined by -5.47 in the past five years.

So even with many stats indicating an increase in recent reports, the trend is still low. 

It is quite interesting to note that even with the increase in violent crimes, the number of homicides declined, which is kinda impressive for a city of over 200,000 residents. 

18. Port Hope, ON

Quick Stat

Population: 13, 860

Crime Severity Index: 38

Property Crime: 173.16

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 14.43

Port Hope has its fair share of crimes certainly, ranging from assaults to drug offenses. Unfortunately, these stats keep increasing at rates higher than that of other cities in Ontario. As gathered by the recent stats, one positive thing to note in this city is the decrease in property and violent crimes.

And even though, drug offenses have risen, they are still well below the national average. 

19. Brighton, ON

Quick Stat

Population: 12,691

Crime Severity Index: 38

Property Crime: 157.59

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production:23.64

Even though the Crime Severity and Violent Crime Severity Indexes are well below average in this city, Brighton probably has a more disturbing rate of sexual assault than any other city on the list, and the assaults are unfortunately way beyond the national average.

Nonetheless, despite the prevalent rate of assaults, Brighton remains a safe city anyways. 

20. Comox, BC

Quick Stats

Population: 14,898

Crime Severity Index: 39

Property Crime:214.79

Regulated Drug Trafficking/Production: 0

No one can tell what’s been going on in Comox, but over the past 5 years, this city has witnessed a significant rise in its CSI, and again, even according to recent stats, all crime categories seem to move upwards.

However, it is worth noting that even with this increase, Comox still sits below the crime national average, and hence can be termed a safe city to reside in or travel to. 


We all love serene, calm, and peaceful places where we can dwell without being in constant fear and danger whatsoever. The above Canadian cities guarantee these, and even more. 

Now you know where to raise a family in unison of mind. 


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